Fairy Tale Wedding Favors

A marriage ceremony is something a couple would treasure for a life time. It is not only the bride and the groom that will be in the wedding, but there are also the wedding guests that will be witnessing the wedding. Of course, the guests usually don’t remember anything about the wedding because to them it was just another people's wedding. Therefore, to be remembered wedding favors are distributed to the guests so they can reminisce the memories of the wedding.

Wedding favors were actually made to be given to the guests as an appreciation for attending the wedding. You must choose the right wedding favors because they are tokens to be given to your guests. Aside from that wedding favors are given away to guests so they can recall the wedding once the saw the wedding favors displayed at their homes. When choosing the right design of wedding favors, it must be in connection with the theme of the wedding or to the bride and groom. Also you can prepare more wedding favors instead of making it exact, some guests want extra wedding favors. It would be better to exceed than being short of supply and not all will be given.

Aside from the wedding, there’s another important event that a future bride should prepare for, no other than the bridal shower. This time the future bride is the one who would have to give gifts to her guests. These bridal shower favors to be given away are thank you gifts. Unlike in wedding favors, the bridal shower favors are actually not required to be given to the guests but still you need to thank the guests in some way. If you have decided to give bridal shower favors, again make sure that these bridal shower favors are at least enough or more than the number of your guests. Choosing the right design for bridal shower favors is important; you wouldn't want to give these bridal shower favors to your close friends unless these bridal shower favors that you chose are pretty enough for them.

Now after these events come the baby showers which most couple look forward too. Naturally like the bridal shower favors you must also prepare some baby shower favors though they are not strictly required. Unlike wedding and bridal shower favors, baby shower favors are for rejoicing a baby’s coming. Examples of ideas of designs in baby shower favors are designs that have eggs hatching, buttons, or candy designs. Typically it would be sensible to pick custom-made baby shower favors than get ready-made ones, this way guests would be familiar who are they partying for.

Furthermore be sure that the baby shower favors are functional such as a piece of decor they can display at home. Surprisingly, most guests would trash away those worthless giveaways given to them. Hence it is better to give away baby shower favors which are helpful that way your guests can use them more. Some baby shower favors are foods so that the guests will just eat it during the party or right after the party. Whatever event you are planning to host, it would be better to have favors to give to your guests as a token of appreciation for attending your party. That way, you can remind them about a certain significant event in your life.


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